How to Manage Your Tax Refund Spending Better for You

More Money. Same Problems. 

Tax season is coming to an end this month and we all can’t wait to get our tax refund spending started. This means that millions of Americans could get anywhere from a minimal to a substantial sum of money in the mail from the IRS. As we are in the title loan business, this causes celebration for our loyal customers. However, it is deeply necessary to be mindful in how you spend your new fortune. Customers with a low income may want to save or splurge, it is important to know what you should and should not do with your tax return money.

For many, tax refund money is like a big late Christmas gift. Once that check arrives, there’ll probably be many fun things you would want to spend on; should I buy a new TV? Should I go to Vegas? I want to buy a new couch! Nevertheless, our objective is to inform you and our readers on the wise way perform your tax refund spending.

1. Begin and Increase Your Emergency Fund

In case of a financial crash or if you end up knee deep in debt, an emergency fund can be a extremely nice fail safe for you. Normally, a fund should be substantial (6-8 months worth of savings), but depositing your tax refund will add a large chunk to your fund or ignite it monumentally.

2. Pay off your Debts

Using your refund to help you pay off any outstanding or high-interest debts would be a hug relief off your shoulders. Put any loans that have in the forefront- payday loans, title loans, student loans, car loans, credit card debt- so you’re life can be a little simpler.

3. Build Your Savings

Plan your budget, plan your goals, and figure out how you want to split your refund. Your savings is the ultimate seed money for your future. A healthy savings account assures college tuition for your child, a grand wedding for you and your spouse, and any other financial fallbacks.

4. Investment

There are several routes to undergo when you think about using your tax refund for investing. In a non-retirement brokerage account, your money can grow, increasing the net worth. Investing in a mutual fund is another good thing to build on. If you do have a long term goal like buying a home, this would be ideal for you. Conducting your tax refund spending on Roth IRA will also help secure a stable retirement future. Lastly, you might have that dream business that you were brewing in your head for years, your big refund check could open the door to finally getting that business venture started.

5. Splurging on Frivolous, Unnecessary Things

Like we mentioned previously, you shouldn’t spend the bulk of your check on wasteful things, most of them that would only last one day like expensive dinners, drinks, parties, and events. Purchasing jewelry, new furniture that you don’t need would also qualify. If you want to spend money on things, focus on the things that you need, not want.

Conduct Your Tax Refund Spending Wisely

Ultimately, save your money or spend it on the things that will take the weight off your back like loans, debt, and bills. LA’s Fox Title Loans will be here to guide you on your what you’ll be able to afford and help you pay off your vehicle. Your tax refund spending is your chance to get your life back in line. Call our main office in Van Nuys at (818) 646-0711 for help and advice. 

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