Save Money on Valentines Day!

Looking to save money on Valentines Day? Read on.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. This is a reason for celebration, as it is a special day to spend with your loved one. However, it can also be a very expensive holiday. Of course, you want to show your significant other or partner that you care. However, you do not need to spend a lot of money to do this. By saving money, you can instead have it for the times you and your partner really need it instead. Here are some awesome ways to save money on Valentines Day.


Have a picnic

Instead of going out to eat at a fancy restaurant and having to be waited on in a room with a bunch of other people doing the same, why not make your Valentine’s Day meal one really memorable? We suggest cooking your own lunch or dinner, and then having a picnic instead at one of Southern California’s many public parks. Not only will the food be great for you and cost a fraction of what dining in a restaurant would, but a picnic will be way more intimate. Just you and your partner.


Throw your own candlelight dinner

Okay, maybe you are settled on the intimacy of eating a nice candlelit meal at a table. If so, why not just prepare and serve your own Valentine’s Day dinner at home? This way, you can customize your meal completely, from the type of wine and food you that will be served all the way down to the type of cloth you will use on your table. Although it might take a bit of time and planning, without question your partner will be blown away by your initiative and dedication. It also doesn’t hurt if you’re a decent cook :P

Make your own gift!

Of course, advertisers on television and radio want you to go into your local jewelry stores and purchase an expensive necklace or bracelet to show that you care. However, we urge you to be more responsible with your money. Yes, giving expensive items can be a great way to show your partner your devotion. However, there are other ways to show that you care, too. Instead of burning through a huge portion of the cash in your account, why not make your loved one a gift instead? Whether it is a drawing, a poem, a collage, massage, or letter, by using your own creativity you ensure this Valentine’s Day gift will be unlike any other.


Go on a hike

You might think it is a great idea to bring your partner to Disneyland, Six Flags, shopping, or a movie. However, almost every couple in Southern California thinks the same. If you want to avoid massive crowds and enjoy a private day together, why not go hiking? There are plenty of hiking trails all across Southern California just waiting for you to explore. For a great list of hiking trails in Southern California, take a look at


Visit the beach

We are lucky to live so close to the Pacific Ocean.   Why not take the time to make a visit to the beach? Whether it is a lovely stroll on the water, renting kayaks, building a sandcastle, watching the waves for whales and dolphins, or just bringing a towel to lie down on and some books to read, the beach offers a relaxing, serene environment ideal for spending intimate time with your loved one. Best of all, it is free.


This concludes our list of ways to save money this Valentines Day. We are confident you can use them to plan the perfect day for you and your loved one, and save precious money in the process.

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