How to Have a Affordable Spring Break in Los Angeles

How to Have a Affordable Spring Break in Los Angeles

An Unforgettable and Affordable Spring Break in Los Angeles

The wait is over—March is here! The temperature is rising and the sun is brighter which means that winter season is coming to an end. Now you can focus on what’s ahead and that will be Spring Break! However, taking your long-deserved vacation is not often cheap and when you’re on a budget, you need to prioritize on what you really need to save money for. Thankfully, there are several activities and destinations in Southern California that will both lessen your spending and provide you with a affordable spring break in Los Angeles. Here are the four essential things you can do during the break without damaging your wallet.

1. Beaches:

This one is a no-brainer as California is home to countless beautiful and popular beaches. In the LA region, hundreds of thousands of people can conduct a week-long beach hop to popular beaches like Santa Monica, Venice, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, and Malibu. There is so much to do not only on the shore and in the water, but the neighborhood towns are filled with fantastic restaurants, bars, and shopping.

2. Museums:

The museums around LA county are full of mesmerizing art and sculptures; they both adapt to the modern and trending form of art as well as showcase vintage antiques and collectibles. There is a good number of museums that you could spend hours in along with free admission. Museums like “The Getty”, “California Science Center”, “Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)” and “The Broad” are all free opportunities to check out amazing art and spectacular innovations. The “Natural History Museum” is also located in Los Angeles for a reasonable price.

3. Hiking Trails:

There is no better way to discover the gorgeous and beautiful outside views of California than embarking on the numerous hiking trails in Los Angeles. These easy to moderate hikes are perfect for the warm and clear spring weather and absolutely won’t break your bank. Some notable hikes to plan your day around would be Malibu Creek State Park and Santa Anita Canyon. All you need are the hiking essentials (water, backpack, shoes, sunscreen), a camera, and ready to go.

4. Hidden Gems:

LA and all of its towns, streets, and cities, is full of fantastic hidden gems that requires no money, but just your eye sight. Sites like the Venice Canals, the Great Wall of Los Angeles and the Art District are just a few of the many gorgeous and eye-opening place Los Angeles has to offer. All you need is a car and a map and you’re on your way.

Save Your Money for the Long Haul

An affordable spring break in Los Angeles is just the exact ticket you need when you’re paying back your title loans and you’re on a budget. It’s really a fortunate thing that we get to live in a place full of rich and amazing nature and art. Fox Title Loans is also the ticket you need when it comes to helping you get back on your feet. We have three locations in LA county: Van Nuys, Oxnard, and East LA. Each one capable of helping you, even with a below-average credit score. We hope you can allow us to help, but in the meanwhile, have a great affordable Spring Break in Los Angeles!

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