Commercial Title Loans Now Available


Beyond Car Title Loans

Fox Title Loans had laid a foundation on helping individuals get back on their feet by providing easy, accessible title loans to people with vehicles. Simply by the value, mileage, and condition of your car, we can grant you fast cash with no background checks and a customized payment plan. Furthermore, individuals would get to keep their car. Aside from car title loans, we’re also excited to offer commercial title loans to all our valued borrowers. We know that our loans shouldn’t be limited to only car-owners, we want to make it widespread throughout LA and extend our reach so more people can be helped.

Great Opportunities

Our new title loans can also reach to owners of trucks, semi trucks, trailers, and tractors. This is a great opportunity for hard-working farmers, truck drivers, and labor workers to get a little levity with their most valued possession. Southern California is home to many of these types of vehicles and owners. An individual can also find how much your commercial vehicle is worth by checking out the equity.

Commercial Vehicle?

Individuals may have the question: what is a commercial vehicle? Simply, it is a type of motor vehicle that is used to transport goods and passengers. This includes trucks, vans, coaches, buses, cab, and trailers. It is good for all drivers to know that there isn’t a vehicle anymore that we won’t value.

Applying is Easy

Apply for your title loan will be quite easy as we can provide you with a form online or in our office. You won’t have to worry about credit checks and you won’t have to anxiously wait too long to get it approved. It’ll take only one business day to inform you of the approval. Just meet with us and we can discuss all the different options that you would eligible for. Under California law, we’re allowed to give a minimum loan of about $2,510. A title loan for a truck and a big commercial vehicle could earn you a loan that far surpasses that minimum. Contact us today for your far truck and commercial title loans. We can’t wait to meet you and see what we can do for you.
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