Manage Your College Student Budget for the New Semester

Budgeting Your Way Through College

College life was always imagined as an experience of a lifetime, an oasis of freedom, and the first introduction to adulthood. Though some of that is true; college can take a big chunk out of you financially; deteriorating your experience and regulating your cost of living. Most college students take out student loans to pay for school, but end up in a hole of debt. We hope that you all thoroughly enjoyed the summer because the new school semester commences very soon and it’ll be time to start thinking about your college student budget. Before heading back to school, please allow us to display several good tips for your college student budget in order to get your ready for the new semester and to help you save more money for the new year.

Budget Your Meals

Eating in college while trying to save money can be a strenuous thing. The truth is that going out to eat will cripple your cost significantly. Patches of spending for eating out can add up quite a bit. Just for now, limit yourself to the $0.50 cup noodles or go shopping at Food-4-Less and the $0.99 store. Learning to cook for yourself and to only buy food from groceries can help improve your expenses. You can also set aside a certain amount for just eating out for each month of the school year. If you live on-campus, see if a meal plan is offered and select the smallest plan available.

Buy Books Early

A good chunk of school spending, besides tuition, is based off of textbooks. Our tip is to get ahead and try to get a list of all the required class textbooks and start buying all the used textbooks before it’s all gone. Remember that you can sell them back to the bookstore once the school year is done. Keep in mind that some of the books required could be available in the local library. Share books with your friends and roommates too!

Carpool Cuts Cost

Along with eating and going out, driving and gas can definitely chop up your cost of living. If you don’t live near campus, driving to school can be a hassle. If add up road trips such as vacations, grocery runs, mall trips, driving to school, etc., the expense of driving will grow high. After checking to see if your school offers free rides to campus, try to see if you can carpool with your roommates or friends. Even more helpful is to use your car’s value to gain a title loan from lenders like us.

Make Money!

Taking on a job may interfere with your studies, nevertheless you may need one if you want to get out of student debt and earn some extra cash. Hopefully you took this summer to land a part-time job. If not, there are still plenty of opportunities on campus or around town for jobs. Babysitting, fast food places, dog-walker, tutor; many people started out working at odd jobs during college. It all helps you pay your way to graduation and until you get that dream job that you’ve worked hard for.

Open Up a Bank Account

If you’re not a local student and you’re from out of town, it is wise to get a student checking or savings account even if you already have one back home. These accounts contain helpful benefits to students such a low or no fees, interest income, and mobile banking. Some banks like US bank offers a student savings account included with no monthly maintenance and no minimum opening deposit. Chase offers accounts with no monthly service fees up to five years while in college.

One More Way

There you go. Essentially, budgeting your life around your cost of living is how you can save enough money get through school without collecting more debt. Another major boost is to use your car’s value for a hefty title loan over at Fox Title Loans in Van Nuys. We offer an easy payment plan and approve loans towards all individuals, no matter the credit. Allow us to help you get through another hectic school year and help manage your college student budget.

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